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I do love an auld accessory – after all, it’s what the site’s about – but sometimes, you get sick to the back teeth of a trend that won’t bugger off. Skulls, I am really looking at you here. I did a bit of asking on The Twitters to see what else ground the gears of the chatterati. Eh, lots as it happens. Like these nine niggly nyeehs below.

Do you love or loathe any or all of ’em? Are we a collective of mean wagons? Oh, so many questions. See what you think after you’ve had a read.

8 awful accessories

1. Stacked bracelets

Ugh. Just don’t get me started on this. Bits of threads and weedy beads and god knows what and Hamsa symbols, endlessly instagrammed into #armparty snaps. WHY? I blame Madonna and her yokey red bits of Kabbalah string for starting it all. In fact I blame Madonna for a lot of things. *mutters darkly*

2. Statement necklaces

I still love these but am willing to admit they may be reaching saturation (and neck-breaking) point in the accessory-sphere. Enough already?

3. Geek Glasses

There’s nothing wrong with your eyesight you wannabe hipster show off. Now get off your fixie bike and cop yourself on.  If indeed there is something amiss with your vision and you merely like large black-framed seeing devices, then please carry on as normal.

4. Peter Pan collars

ZooOOoOOooey Deschanel has really got quite a lot to answer for, hasn’t she? But um, I still like them. SO SHOOT ME.

5. Skulls and Studs

Just … just … NO. It is 2013 people. Stoppit.

6. Stripper shoes

Kurt Geiger has really got quite a lot to answer for, hasn’t he?

7. Stiletto Nails

These hurt the eyes, and also I am guessing skin should they accidentally brush across it and savagely rip it open with their razor sharp edges. Also, interestingly Twitter thinks they look “dirty.”

8. Flatforms

As Twitter follower @neasaconnolly so succinctly puts it, these slabs of footwear “make everybody’s legs look like sides of ham.” And they do. Not even the gazelle legged look any better wearing them which means that those of us with a propensity to Mullingar beefiness from the heel (i.e. me) better put those babies down and move away. Fast.

9. Fake Chanel

WE ALWAYS KNOW. ALWAYS. FOR EVER. And no, no pictures.

Got a 10th to add? Do it in the comments!