Because the winter refused to bugger off for what felt like forever and ever and then some more unrelenting ever, my skin went absolutely cray cray. All textured and blotchy and mad looking; I seriously started thinking, “that’s it now, I’m officially an auld crone and this it for me and my nice smooth face. It’s over. WAIL”

I mean it’s sooo unlike me to overreact – ahem – but nothing was making a dent.  I’d run out of some trusty old reliables – Trilogy Rosehip is usually a very good pick for my dry face; a decent botanical oil plus a hydrating serum is what I find is the optimum combination for my complexion – and anything else from the store cupboard of beauty bits that I was lashing on just wasn’t cutting it.

Then this arrived for trial. This? This is Image Skincare’s Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic* Filler, €64. No, it’s not cheap. But it is a sciency dropper-topped little brown bottle that’s become my skin salvation.

Image Skincare Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler - dropper

The dropper’s a bit crap, it smells like liquid antibiotics but I don’t care: this fixed my face in two days. It’s a bloody miracle worker.  Thick and quite viscous, it’s a clear gel, and about two drops pre-moisturiser or your other treatment products are what’s required. I suspect it’s the viscosity of the mix that makes the dropper ineffective – it doesn’t really matter because you can just wipe it off the pipette anyway.

you can be oily and dehydrated, which can be a complete headwreck

What makes this work is the hyaluronic acid. A molecule that can hold many times its own weight in water, you tend to find it in lots of skincare for that reason (it’s also employed in wound healing) but it’s in a very concentrated form here so it’s particularly potent. Not just good for a dry skintype, this will be a boon for dehydrated skins too – you can be oily and dehydrated, which can be a complete headwreck –  and because it’s light and won’t add load, it’ll be a good pick for acne sufferers who are looking to boost moisture in their skin as well.

What this effectively did for me was bring my skin back into balance. It had gone from its usual manageable dry to badly dehydrated and I had started to see small rosacea blooms on my cheeks – which only happens when things are getting seriously bad skin-wise. My chin was breaking out and makeup was applying incredibly badly because there were so many dry patches.

Image Skincare Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler

In a couple of days, cheeks had smoothed out and redness faded. Texture had improved. Skin was plumper and felt better, dry patches had faded and makeup was applying better and my chin started to clear up. For me, this worked wonders and plays very well with whatever else I pair with it – I’m currently switching between Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream  and Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse and both work excellently with it.

Image is a salon brand with a very good rep. I’ve previously used its Max Crème and suncare products and found them to be extremely solid performance-wise and just very effective.  For a stockist near you, check the website of the brand’s Irish distributor.

*I was texting a pal about this and my iPhone autocorrected this to Husky Robin. Oh how I do love a bit of pure Husky Robin serum in the morning.

Anyone else tried this? What did you reckon?