You know what, I didn’t expect to like Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Eye Roll On, €15.35.  Well, there’s definitely one thing I don’t like about it – that long-winded name.  Bit of a mouthful, eh?  The second thing was this: isn’t this just a silly, non-necessary product Garnier is rolling out to try and extract extra cash from gullible customers? Actually, I was kind of proven wrong on that point too. Read on.

The original BB from the brand was a solid product and props to Garnier for being the first to market with a mass offering too. Shades were a bit dark and this is an issue with the eye roll on BB as well – I have light, which on first inspection seemed to be just too dark for my fair skintone, but when I used it, actually worked pretty well.

Why? Well, the skin around the eye is a little darker usually and while I don’t – touch wood – have dark circles I do have darker skin in at the nose, which most people do. This little doofer works well with the rest of my makeup as a pre-foundation step to conceal the whole under-eye area before I get busy with my base.

I sweep on an arc of it, blend with my finger and it blends out well to lightly cover the socket, making me look a little less tired and more even-toned around the eye area. I can usually forgo a heavier concealer as well.

Garnier BB Eye Roll On

Plus, and this is crucial, it doesn’t crack or slip during the day, and that’s really important with a product for use around the eyes. If you’re trying to cover something up, you need to use a concealer that’s light, emollient but not greasy and which isn’t drying because that will cause cracks and accentuate exactly what you’re ironically trying to hide.

Garnier BB Eye swatch layered and blended

It doesn’t crack or slip during the day, and that’s really important with a product for use around the eyes

So no, you don’t get heavy-duty surgical cover up here. You get lightweight me-but-better (a very BB trait) that’s very compatible with a low maintenance daytime routine and it’s fitted very well into mine. The slightly dark shade is ok because I’m using it around the eye area, which is that bit darker – no reverse panda for me, thanks – and it doesn’t move or flake.

Downsides? Ok, it is a bit pricey considering you only get 7ml and you won’t like this if you have serious dark circles to cover, as it will not make a dent in them.

Very pale girls will find it too dark also, but for five minute makeup, light under eye issues and curing hungover eyes, I think it’s a bit of a winner.