That time I didn’t check properly and went out wearing my matching golden face cage AND nail embellishments was a real lesson. How I’d forgotten Coco Chanel’s famous maxim  – ”before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” – is beyond me, but I had real sympathy when I saw Lady Gaga had made the same Matchy Matchy mistake. Snap, gurrl.

Poor Gaga. All that money, and still no sense.

Bai Ling looking like a bee in yellow matching accessories

The curse of Matchy Matchy is rampant in celebland. It’s like they go into the posh equivalent of Penneys, see all the things in the same shades and go crazy thinking, “Oh I know what’d be lovely! If I wore a yellow furry hat and shoes and also a jumper as a dress.” Yes Bai Ling, that would be lovely. No it wouldn’t you lunatic. Aren’t you supposed to be rich and in possession of a stylist?

Kim Kardashian Met Ball Horror

“JayZUZ. stahy-rrah yeh,” thinks Kanye

As for Kim Kardashian, we can’t even blame her for her Met Ball 2013 sofa cover, gloves and matching shoes combo because Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy designed it and um, he’s a designer.

Gemma Arterton

And I kind of can’t hate on Gemma Arterton too much because a) she’s smokin’ and b) technically her bag and lips are red and her shoes are pink but that is a lot of grey and tone on tone going on, but it does kind of work. In a smart and slightly boring way. But isn’t she lovely?

So, this kind of puts all those rigouts you see at Irish weddings consisting of block colour dress, red bag, red shoes, red fascinator, red beads and red belt into sharp perspective. I say to Matchy Matchy mna na hEireann: carry on as you were.