I truly madly deeply love when people reveal the inner workings of their minds via posts about the contents of their handbags or what’s on their bedside table. 

Because let’s not beat about the bush here, this is what you’re doing. You’re telling us, by means of images of what you tote about daily, what matters to you (music, designer brands, books) and what sort of hangups you have (germ mania via hand sanitizer; so much crap you’re a candidate for The Life Laundry, etc).

I devour each shot, thinking, “hmm, I’d never have had youuuu down as a Hello Kitty coin holder person,” and we all know no one has a pristine purse – unless of course they have OCD; enough said in that case.

So, I think we’re all aware that handbag posts are always heavily edited and everyone leaves out all the gunk that’s gravitated to the bottom of the bag in order to present pretty shots. Or, if I’m being really cynical, a stylized version of themselves.  

As is this one.

Well it was until I got an attack of the honests and took a shot of all the VHI renewal letters, O2 bills, manky plastic bags from flight check-in, pieces of fluff, bottle caps and receipts (scroll to the end if you can’t wait for that juicy fun).

Pauric by Pauric Sweeney leather handbag

So, on to the bag, as seen above. I’m a devotee of a good quality leather tote and think the cost justifies the means if you get good wear out of it. This is a Pauric by Pauric Sweeney bag – his diffusion line – and was bought in Brown Thomas Galway about 18 months ago for around €450. 

Pauric by Pauric Sweeney leather bag

It’s actually holding up excellently although recently lost a leather and metal charm and the zip pull disappeared some time back too. Apart from that; no complaints.  I use this daily, regularly over-stuff it and it’s big enough to cart about my laptop (a 15″ MacBook), my notepad, makeup bag, sunglasses and sundry other crap. I am also fond of its snazzy orange innards.

The hardwear is still looking good; there’s no sign of any pulling at the straps or seams and while it could do with another couple of compartments (there’s just one zipped pocket inside), it’s a great bag with excellent quality leather, and I’ve gotten fantastic use from it.

Here’s what I’d generally carry about on an average daily basis: sunglasses (Stella McCartneys in a Smythson case, which I like because it’s small and neat yet still rigid enough to protect the glasses), my Marc Jacobs wallet, a notebook, sundry pens and USB keys, deodorant, headache pills, loose change, gloves (which I always forget to wear), random makeup items and various other bits and bobs.  Like, um, a paint shade chart, which was used as inspiration for this very website.

I appear to be a well-edited, neat sort who is fond of red, don’t I?

Yeah, right.

And here’s what was also in there before I laid out the contents so neatly: bills, flyers, piles of sundry crap and the lovely Aer Lingus zippy plastic bag that those makeup items had actually been in. Note gross single earplug, squashed chewing gum wrapper and small pile of tissue-based dust bottom right by the pen lid. To which there was no matching pen. MmmMM.

So, here’s your assignment: show me your mala! Pin a pic to your pinboard and tag it using the hashtag #insidemybag and I’ll compile a post with some of the best ones for us all to gaze lustfully on. Enjoy!