Why brands, why? Why do you do it? Create fabulous products we love, buy in droves and then discontinue. Sigh.  Chanel made millions cry when Perfection Lumiere left counters, Mac regularly causes boo hoos with its endless limited edition take-backs and when your favourite fragrance goes, well, it’s hard to get out of bed, isn’t it?

Here are five I know I miss: what about you? Leave me yours in a comment.

Prescriptives Super Line Preventor

This orange goo (above) was mighty. MIGHTY. In fact the whole PX brand was pretty damn inventive and it was a sad day when it shut. But a special nod goes to this bottle of anti-ageing wonder. Here’s a tip to anyone who misses it as much as me – Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair is pretty much the same thing. So, y’know, not so much need to miss it really.

Pout Lipgloss

Another case of the bizarres. This brand was bought out and then shuttered despite having a bajillion fans. In my mid twenties I was devoted to its glosses and used to get my then London-dwelling fella to go to its flagship in Covent Garden to stock me up before you could buy the products here. To his eternal credit, he did.

Body Shop Perfume Oils

Dewberry, Primrose, Fuzzy Peach: I stank scented the very air around me as a teenager with the potency of this stuff. You could also get it as a less in-yer-face spray format but no, I preferred to douse myself in oil. Gosh, I wonder why they don’t make these particular ones any more … ?

Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lip Tints

I loved these. Bright, in lots of colours and easy to apply, Bourjois flew the flag for the tint revolution to come. Maybe they were too quick out of the traps because these got discontinued waaaay too fast for my liking. Such a shame.

Bourjois So Delicate

Another from Bourjois, yup yup. This brand is brilliant at innovation and regularly rocks out new and interesting things at good prices that other lines take years more to get on board with. Perhaps that’s why they then go out of production so quickly – we’re just not ready for them in the mass market. So Delicate was a line of matte lip crèmes a lot like ones NYX and Essence do now

And not forgetting…

Stila – but it came back. Phew!