Browsing around my celeb pic resource, I kept coming across shots of A-listers with slashes of tangerine on their kissers and lime on their bods.

Yep, the man from Del Monte, well, it’s safe to say, that dude would be happier than a clam at high tide, during harvest. Or something.

Emma Watson wearing orange lipstick

Look, clumsy mixed metaphors aside, it’s clear to see this combo works. Or werks, as I believe the young folk are saying these days.  This particular shade of on-the-acid-spectrum yellow-green looks amazing with a very punchy lip colour and not a lot else going on makeup wise, as evidenced by our three useful sample models, Cameron, Emma and Mila.

Mila Jojovich wearing orange lipgloss

I’d be inclined to try it with a hot pink too – I reckon it’d look just as impactful. Whaddya think? Courageous enough for chartreuse or really, no thank you very much?