It seems my love of oil-based things knows no bounds. Requesting a sample of Hourglass’ new Lip Oil for a piece I was writing for Sunday Times Style, I pretty much checked the postbox hourly until it landed.

Hourglass No28 Lip Treatment Oil

It’s a quare looking thing, alright. It’s big; nearly the height of my phone and has a SCIENCE looking applicator which you plunge down to release the product, then smooth across your pucker.

There’s a lot going on here: 14 botanical oils, anti-ageing benefits, peptides, actives, that 24 karat gold-plated, anti-bacterial palladium tip … which all means you won’t be surprised when I tell you it costs €38.

Hourglass No28 Lip Treatment Oil texture

But is it any good? Yeah it is actually. It feels superbly lovely when you apply it. It’s got a nice slip to it without being greasy, it absorbs well and doesn’t leave a film though lips will feel very comfortable, so it’s an excellent choice before a matte or drying lipstick. I can see this becoming a real backstage and artist favourite. Prepare to read about this in approximately one million ‘secrets of the makeup artists pieces’ next time fashion week rolls around.

For a makeup junkie, it’s a fab thing to have. If you’re a lipstick nut and Mac Ruby Woo’s your drying poison, you’ll get the benefit. If you just love a balm and having hydrated lips – stick to balm, because I’m not that convinced that at €38 you won’t get those benefits from your under a fiver lip fix.