Oh god I hate my hair. Really. It’s such a pain in the arse.  It behaves itself for about six inches of its length by being nice and sleek and flat, and then clearly it just thinks “feck this, now lets go kerraazeeee.”

So it does. Frizz. Split ends, uncontrollably unruliness. It’s like a child with attention deficit disorder. It can only manage so much behaving before it wants to break free. And so I spend much of my time managing into submission with a variety of means: ponytails, clips, bobbins of much strength and durability. Beatings. Hairspray.

Conditioner? Ha. My delinquent hair laughs in the face of such weak opponents. In truth conditioner does feck all for me, to be honest. If it works for you, then you are a lucky person but in my case it’s pretty much like washing money down the drain, so I don’t bother with it. I have come across the occasional intensive masque or other that I have had results from but in general what I use to tame the beast is oil. Lovely, gorgeous and silicone-packed if they have it, hair oil.

Kerastase Lumiere Liquide Luminous Perfecting Essence

Like this gem of a find from Kerastase. Lumiere Liquide Luminous Perfecting Essence, €22, is part of a collection of products called Cristalliste which launched last year (and there are a couple more just landed too, fans) this serum is absolutely terrific. I loved the shampoo too as it happens (conditioner – see above) but this is a real wow product that made instant taming inroads on my frizzy bits and so immediately found a space on my bathroom countertop.

Hefty doses of delicious silcones are in the ingredients list

It works on me because I’m pretty much exactly the target customer: this line was designed for younger women (oh, ok I am stretching it a bit there) who have longer, damaged hair with split ends.  Heat damage can also lead to tangles and dull, lifeless-looking hair. Yep. Well, I avoid heat in the main but I do tick all the other boxes.

Hefty doses of delicious silcones including cyclopentasiloxane are in the ingredients list and this is what makes hair smooth, behavable (a new word in honor of this wonderful product) and shiny. If you don’t like silicone or try to avoid it, then this isn’t the one for you. Me, I LOVE it, and so this is a fab pick for my awful hair of much pain and sadness.

Pricey, but it does last a long time as you’re only using a couple of drops from the mid-lengths down each time and I found it much more effective than a lot of other oil-based serums I’d been trialing, like Moroccanoil et al. A really good pick.