Make no mistake Frillseekers: this is lovely stuff. Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner, €XX, is one of the stand-out products from this recently-launched Lauder brand and it’s on track for cult product status.

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner

Formulation-wise, it’s not actually massively different to a lot of other balms – a look at the list shows up your usual suspects; polybutene, a petrochemical-derived ingedient and silicones, as well as things like seed oils. Where it scores points is in texture and a scrummy rose scent. All Aerin’s products have a light floral fragrance and it’s really nice in this.

Plus, it’s got a Goldilocks consistency: not too thick, not too thin; it’s just right. I’ve seen criticisms that it’s sticky but it’s not: it has a good amount of tackiness which it needs to stay where it’s put, but it isn’t sticky. Your hair won’t get stuck to it, and if it does, you’re using too much. A light hand is key here – you need a teeny tiny amount and that’s all.

This makes a great base before lipstick and on its own really lasts. Don’t let the colour fool you: it doesn’t add any shade to lips at all as it happens and smooths on clear. At €xx for a weeny 10ml, yes – this is a luxury purchase. Worth it? If you have the cash, sure thing. If you don’t, check out Avene’s Cold Cream Lip Balm instead, which, at €10.70, is considerably more affordable.