If you’re anything like me, then you’ve got cupboards filled with zillions* of glasses, fancy plates, cups, teapots and other bits and bobs you just can’t stop buying. Because obviously you have one hundred mouths and therefore need this volume of things from which to sup.

Felt Coasters from Alljoy Design

I’ve also got at least two sets of felt coasters and placemats. Yeah I know. I never use them. What? I’m keeping them for GOOD. Then these arrived in a press box from Designist at Christmas and I was delira: laser-cut and finished so they’re lightly water and food-repellant, they’re tactile and squashy and naturally, look great on whatever you place them on.

Felt coasters and glass

Designist stock several types of these fellers, created by Alljoy Design (also an Irish company), and the coasters are just €10 for four, which is a bit of a barg, if you ask me.  Thing is, if you use felt often, it gets tatty – it doesn’t take madly kindly to spills and stains and you can’t really wipe it, so best kept for, er … GOOD.

Designist, 68 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2; www.designist.ie

*may not literally be zillions.