As, I think we’re all highly aware now that the BB wars have been waging a couple of years, not all were made equal. Some, in fact, need to go back to beauty school, and STAT.

That just serves to make the greats stand out more though and Vichy Idealia BB Cream, €23.50, for 30ml is a keeper. I’d high hopes for Clarins’ BB too but it just turned out to be way too dark for my complexion, even the lightest shade. Shame, as I believe it’s a great product in all other regards. This though, ticks lots of boxes for me and I’m delighted it launched around the same time.

Vichy Idealia packshot

It claims to be the first product with anti-grey technology (Asian BBs also do this as far as I am aware), designed to even skin colour and reveal radiance. It provides 24 hour hydration and comes in two shades; light and medium.

Light’s the one for me, thanks and it is just right.  Not entirely sure about whether the anti-grey thing does the trick, but I’m guessing if you’re looking a little lack-lustre after that endless winter we just had then this is one to test out to see if that claim steps up. For me? I can’t say I noticed a massive difference but I wasn’t suffering from that in the first instance.

What I am looking for from a BB Cream is some coverage, hydration and SPF. That covers the BB bases for me – the hydration in this ticks the skincare box so many BBs gloss over; I don’t expect it to take the place of my regular care products. 

It wears really well, doesn’t clump, patch, cause face cheese or anything annoying

The included SPF25 is lower than some, sure, but I’m happy enough with it. Shade-wise, light is ideal for me and coverage is lovely. It’s above sheer and nicely redness-reducing. It’s basically the same as a low coverage foundation except a good tenner cheaper than most high-end BBs, which I also appreciate.

It wears really well, doesn’t clump, patch, cause face cheese or anything annoying. In short, it’s very good indeed and I’m really happy with it as a daytime face base. Is it a true BB? Nah, maybe not, but it is a really nice product that I’m only too happy to use to the end. 

How Vichy Idealia BB Cream looks on the face

Here it is on the face with some light daytime accompaniments (I’m making myself sound like a snack). Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Moon River, Maybelline Mega Plush mascara, Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric and Kanebo Sensai lipstick in Soubi.

Have you tried it? Liked it/loathed it? Leave me a comment and let me know.