If you’re particularly eagle of eye, you’ll have seen this pair of shoes featured on Facebook already (what, you’re not following for extra frills? Rectify that immediately) when I stuck ’em up as part of an album of pix snapped in Berlin.

These Fendi beauties were drooled over in KaDeWe, the city’s answer to Brown Thomas, though in truth it’s more high end with a lot more covetable designer brands and juicy things to buy. Function of a bigger population and all that.

The shoes? Polifonia (makes me think of Polyphonic Spree) is the style, marked out by rubber studded heels, and they come in a few different variants. Matches Fashion in London has a restrained beige and white offering for example, and there’s a heeled lady loafer offering too. But I want yonder black and whites, if you don’t mind.

I’ll also have to stump up about €700 for them, so this is yet one more example of a girl can dream – but she sure can’t have. Sigh.