When him indoors asked what I wanted for my birthday this year I replied promptly, "something by Joanne Hynes, please." He wanted Neil Young tickets for his, by the way. Yargh! I guess this is why it works: we indulge each others' mad likes (NEIL YOUNG, PEOPLE. NEIL YOUNG! The Harvest Goon, as he is known. To me).

Joanne Hynes Broken Heart Pendant

This is what I wanted; the new to the lineup Broken Heart Pendant. No, no symbolism here, I just liked it. After a period of endlessly buying collars and statement neckpieces, I didn't have anything pendant-y and felt like a change.  So this was it. At €150, it's not what you'd call cheap but hey! I wasn't paying.

So, I've had this a few months now, how's it wearing?

Pretty good. Hynes' accessory pieces are generally fabricated from leather, chains, crystals and various other bits and bobs (check out Annmarie O'Connor's incredible bib for a look at another) and because of that there can be room for bits to fall off or edges to come loose. This is constructed from several pieces of leather, layered and glued into place, and suspended on a steel chain, with the designer's logo debossed on the reverse.

If I had one criticism of it it would be that the steel links holding the pendant to the chain are poorly made. They were cut with a snips as opposed to with a jewellery saw. This would have given a far better join and more secure link. It may seem like a smallish thing to gripe about, but links pull, so having no gap (and you get a gap you get when you've got tapered edges from a snips cut) is the better option.

Joanne Hynes Broken Heart Pendant closeup

Whenever I wear this I get a ton of compliments – always nice. It hangs to around the bust area and I find I tend to wear it with black mostly and get as much mileage out of it during the day as I do at night. So, my only real question here is: when am I getting another one?