Beauty box subscriptions haven’t really set my world on fire so far. But Coco Rocha’s Fancy Box subscription is one I think I could definitely get down with.

Available on, a hip US website that’s part shopping, part social and always packed full of quirky bits and bobs to ooh and ahh over, everything in her monthly box is selected from the offer on the website.

One of several celeb-curated goody boxes (Ashton Kutcher and erm, Pink, are also up there) the site offers, the model says she hand-picks everything that goes into her monthly pack so you’ll “receive a box filled with my latest faves-things like jewellery, nail polish, tech products and other cool things.”

Coco Rocha The Fancy Box contentsLike all subs boxes, she does point out, “the point is you never know exactly whats coming till you get it, but one thing’s for sure: each Fancy Box will have more than $80 worth of stuff inside – not bad considering you pay just $39.”

Yup. Not bad indeed. Recent boxes have had that watch Ms Rocha’s modeling above, in ’em, as well as China Glaze nail polish, studded bracelets,  cute little books about the history of Dior as well as lifestyle goodies.

I’m pretty damn tempted, but there’s this to consider: shipping to Ireland is a further – yikes – $17, bringing your monthly total to $56, which is about €44. Quite a bit, eh?

What do you reckon? Worth it for a supermodel-curated box of nicely edited goodies or no, all a bit Urban Outfitters and you could just stroll to American Apparel and buy the lot yourself for half the price?

Pic credits: Coco Rocha Instagram/Coco Rocha Tumblr