I love the look of caviar manicures but I do not like chasing microbeads around the floor for days after, or forgetting it’s on, putting my fingers in my mouth and chowing down on a gob full of plastic. MmMMmm. Gourmet.

Essence me and my icecream nail stickers, €2.49

Solution: Essence, those clever trickesters, have come up with an answer and it costs just €2.49. Part of the summer Me and My Ice Cream limited collection which will be in stores at the end of July, nail topping stickers in Rainbow Sprinkles are the saving grace of any lazy madam who’d like the finish but without the hassle, thanks very much.

Peel them off the backing, press them on your nails and there you go: a caviar mani in seconds. As to how you get it back off again, well, I’m afraid you’re on your own there.