In possibly one of the biggest first world whines ever, in my experience it is exceptionally difficult to find nice shower curtains.  They’re either all quite bland or crazy-cray-cray wacky funster hilarious and I don’t want a) a map of the Tube or a pretendy Psycho shower scene or something from Argos or a white waffle one so I’ve been stuck with my clear one with red circles on it for years.

Yes, I wash it! I’m not a skank. Much.

But in the continuing “I’ll just have everything with a triangle on it, please,” homewears obsession, this one from Ferm Living is right at the top of my wishlist. It’s €71.50 and then more on top for shipping from Scandiland. That seems like rather a lot, doesn’t it.

So someone will have to shopping-enable me. Get to that in the comments. Thanks!