God forgive me – GOD FORGIVE ME – but I used to think reedy fragrance diffusers were stupid. Dust catching. Messy. Spill-prone, I’d scoff.

That was before I tried one and realised how effing amazing they are. Well – a caveat – how amazing they are if you get a good one. Neom, Jo Malone, L’Occitane; they all make great natural oil reed diffusers and so does Max Benjamin. I’m not so keen on cheapy ones from Glade and its ilk; they’re just not the same at all.

I’ve got two Max Bs on the go at the moment and love the fact that there’s a great scent range and the brand is Irish.  My shoebox of negative equity is just that: miniscule and in hock to the bank, so it’s quite easy to fragrance. Escaping it, now that’s another matter. A feat worthy of Houdini himself. In the meantime Ill console myself with scent diffusers, lipsticks and ridiculous necklaces. Oh well, a girl’s gotta have her distractions, eh? Another gin, waiter, please.

Back to the matter at hand. In the ‘sitting room’ area of the shoebox I currently have Cloves and Cinnamon, a pressie from a friend, and in the bathroom I have Grapefruit and Pomelo.  They’re around €27 each and last four-to-five months though my bathroom one’s been hanging on in there for a while longer than that. When the juice is done you can buy a refill for €16.95, which is a bit more cost effective. 

Definitely worth it, anyway, great as pressies and self-gifts, these are easily available too. Both Arnotts and Brown Thomas stock a big range and you can buy online at http://maxbenjamin.ie.