I know lots of people think scented candles are ridiclous and a waste of money. I am not one of those people. I bloody love them.  What's nicer than something deliciously generously laced with a fragrance you adore, permeating your home with its fragrance?

Oh, ok. Wine and Tayto. But you know what I mean.

But they have to be good candles. I can't actually bear Yankees: the chemical bang off those yokes isn't pleasant to my nose.  Ditto Ikea burners. I want my scent made from real essential oils if possible and if not something that doesn't smell like it was made in a plastics factory would be good, thanks.

And it just so happens that we very much punch above our weight in this little land when it comes to decent-quality scented candles too. I'm very fond of Max Benjamin's offerings and regularly buy them as gifts. The same goes for Cloon Keen Atelier's gorgeous offerings which totally belie their price point of about €30 and come in a beautiful presentation drum.

Newish to the candle clique is La Bougie. West Cork-based, this chandlery has some really unique combinations like honeysuckle and sea salt. New to the lineup is that feller above; sage and bitter orange, billed as a unisex offering in two sizes from €19.95.  These candles have some really nice USPs going on but the one that most catches my interest is the 8% parfum inclusion – that's high and means a great scent concentration. I'm all for that.

What are your faves? Do lets have a chat in the comments!