I am truly, madly, deeply, er, mad, that new brand owned by Cos and H&M parent company & Other Stories isn’t a) in Ireland and b) won’t ship here either. I mean, what gives!? No Irish shipping? ‘Sake.

So the best thing to do seems to torture myself – and you guys – with all the amazing accessories the brand does.

Now lets campaign to make them open a store on our shores, STAT.

Leather belt in bright shade, check. Nice slim shape. Check. Decent price at £19. Check. Grumble grumble.

Kate's chartreuse bag.

Ca-ute. his pony tail holder, £10, comes in a whole heap of shades.
The shape of the season, these sunglasses have acetate cat-eye frames, gradient lenses and metal sidepieces with acetate tips and are a not awful £39.
Gorgeous, right? SO WHY CAN'T I HAVE IT? *stamps feet* It's only bleedin' £12 too. I'm crying here, seriously.

"A little neck bling," says @likemamuse2tobake understatedely.

Another Alyson Fox piece for the store, I love this linky feller and it's a mere £18.
Did you know there's a big beauty line to, hmm? You do now, and so-hip-it-hurts boutique department store Colette in Paris was stocking it ahead of launch too. £12's the damage for a lipstick.

Kate's chartreuse bag.

Berlin shoe, €71.