I like baking way more than the lax amount of times I actually undertake it would indicate. Y’see, the thing is, if I bake something, that means I’ll then have to eat it, and that’s a problem of calorific proportions. So I keep my baking to a birthdays and Christmas minimum.

This, needless to say, does not stop me pootling about Kitchen Complements (isn’t the new shop on South Anne Street ace?) or eyeing up coloured melamine measuring cups online with the regularity. Hey, it’s fun. And pretty. And fat-free.

So let’s indulge some of that now with some pretty, witty and GAYYYYYYY bakeware essentials. Above are the finished version of what you get when you create Mexican death mask cookies using clever cutters by Fred, which are £10.50 from Cubicuk.com.

Joseph Joseph rolling pin

Well now. Kicking my crap rolling pin into a cocked hat, and with adjustable discs so you can raise the rolling surface, this Joseph Joseph rolling pin can be found at Debenhams for €32.50.

blue and white striped bun cases

Repeat after me: these are not cupcake cases. These are NOT cupcake cases. Grand. They are for FAIRY CAKES, the sort of cake we have in Ireland. All sorted so.  Get ’em at Berryred.co.uk.

Russian nesting dolls measuring cups for baking

If I didn’t already have a perfectly functional set of measuring cups, I would totally buy these Russian Doll ones, £10.95, from Rigby & Mac. Oh, here. I may just buy them anyway.

Paul Costelloe for Dunnes baking dish

I really like the old-school classicness of this Paul Costelloe Living square mini baking dish, which is a bit of a snip at €8 at Dunnes. Ideal for things like crumbles.

M&S baking tin

Don’t be like me and leave your bags of flour loose in the cupboard where weevils can get into them. Em, no that’s never happened to me. *Hahhaa*. Ahem.

Anyway use a tin, like this one from M&S. It’s about €10.

Gamago baking spatula

Find baking a real snooze? Well you won’t if you have this ax to grind your batter with, wha? It’s $10 from Gama-go.