Did you know, I SAID DID YOU KNOW, in the words of Fred Elliott, that chopping boards are subject to the vagaries of fashion?

Well they are, and if you thought you were the height of kitchen style with your Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot (I did, I admit it) then I have some bad news for you: it’s now all about bamboo.

Yup, best dressed countertops this season are rockin’ Bambu home boards and cutters. Made from sustainably-sourced bamboo, the word is the material is more hygenic, less porus than wood and easy to clean.

I’ve had a gander at ’em in Kitchen Complements a couple of times but am yet to make a purchase. They’re not madly cheap either: a decent sized board you’d get multifunction use out of for bread and veg is around €37 and well, I like my brightly coloured plastic choppers, thanks.