So, I think about the Zombie Apocalypse quite a bit. I mean, it’s gonna happen, right? And when it does, I want to be prepared. So I’ve had a think about my beauty routine in the new world order (tweezers are clearly going to be a must for a variety of reasons) and when it comes to my makeup routine, in between all the fear, terror and beheadings, I think I can probably pare it right back to just two brands.

Those brands? Bourjois and Catrice. Here’s my rationale: Bourjois does great foundations which I like and use anyway and the fact it provides a good range of pale shades will be a boon for those of us frightened and white as sheets. I also like its blushers and mascaras. Sorted there.

Catrice scores for innovative little goodies plus a great range of shadows and nail products and all in all, while it would pain me to give up my addiction to high end brands like my beloved YSL, when survival is at stake, eh, beggars running from brain-chowing crazies simply cannot be chosers.

You? What two brands could you simply not live without as you flee, terrified on a cross-country mission to high ground as a horrible flesh-eating contagion sweeps the nation?