Dublin’s Brother Hubbard scores highly with the Twitterati when asked where a decent cup of coffee is to be found. I wasn’t necessarily looking for capital treats as it happens, but was dished back a whole heap of them. Near the Luas track on Capel Street in Dublin 1, Brother Hubbard opened last year and is one of the city’s new breed of cafes that we desperately needed.

Along with the Fumbally (another place to get a great – if very bloody strong – brew) in Dublin 8, it provided a new point of difference in a cafe culture that was just a bit soggy with endless Insomnias and cafe Vilemore-style offerings. So where else is good? I regularly hold, uhum, business meetings in Fixx on Dawson st and you can’t beat the coffee in the Merrion Hotel drawing room. Seriously – it’s killer pricey but also delicious. And posh, of course. I like a counterpoint of posh to go with all the scuzzy dives I frequent.

Twitter also told me courtesy of @neasaconnelly that Cup on South Leinster Street is a favourite – “great cakes” – along with the Science Gallery for its room and location on Pearse Street, at the back of the Trinity campus. @McGovernNiamh favours Le Petit Parsien on Wicklow Street for its great coffee, and architecture blogger @hipped says she frequents Alliance Francaise and Joly at the National Library of Ireland on Kildare Street. “Both have great coffee and interesting-slash-eccentric customers and enough noise/quiet to chat.” Nice rationale.

@Loubelle22’s got one I’ve never tried: Accents beside Capitol bar on Aungier street. Why? “Because it’s only gorgeous coffee.” Well fair enough so. @JaneyHurley recs FoodGame on South Lotts Road and 3FE on Grand Canal Street Lower, The Runnerbean on Nassau Street for lunchtime brews and Tower Records’ Sound Bites cafe. Plus Butlers for takeout. Phew – that’s a lot of likes. I second the Butlers one, by the way.

When it comes to a decent decaf, @noflashingneon’s got it in the bag. “Found by chance that Lemon Crepe [on South William Street] does better decaf than most.” There you go now. She also likes the M&S cafe on Grafton St. “The best for people watching, hands down. Sit by the window.” Ok!

The guys were getting in on the action at this point: @Johnke told me he’s a fan of Viola on Baggot Street. It’s all because they do “Continental-style coffee – not too hot, not too foamy. Also, coffee and a tasty scone for €3.50.”  I shall be remembering this. @TerryMcDonald says Coffee Angel on South Anne Street gets his vote and I loved this: “Gerry at Skerries train station does a mean cappucino and you can text your order in advance!”

Frillseeker’s developer Jimmy says The Little Green on Dublin’s High Street does a good coffee that’s “nicely presented and you get a little brownie”. He’s got more to tell us: The Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar scores with him too. Why? Nice coffee and “the daybeds outside are comfy and smoker-friendly.”

And then, Frillseekers, then it all got a bit weird. @Cherrysue lowered the tone on us totally. “Coffee on the run? McDonalds, hands down,” she tweeted. I wanted to know who else agreed. Lots, it seems. @YvonneK07 confirmed “I’m a McDonalds coffee girl too,” and @lovelygirlybits said “I agree, love their lattes.” @jillajordan had a bit of a considered view: “can’t beat it if you’re on the Long Mile Road or outside Cashel in need of coffee. Otherwise, no.”

Desperately seeking Susan recommendations outside the big smoke, @shoe_queen told me that Cafe Express on the corner of Eyre Square in Galway is the one to go to and @whatkhdid says that in Louth, it’s the Strand Field House in Dundalk you should go to. “Flowers, delicious food and atmosphere,” she tweeted.

Ace. If we try all of them in a row we can have the shakes for a week. Got a recommendation – especially a non-Dublin one – to add? Do it in the comments.