In theory I love neon. I embrace it. In practice, erm, it’s a bit hard to pull off, like. You run the risk of looking all Su Pollard in the 1990s.

And god knows: no one wants that. NO ONE.

So, maybe give it a go in accessories instead. Happily, they’re all over the place this year so it’s pretty damn easy and timely. I’d like to get my chipped talons on all or any of the above.

  1. Neon cord, diamante and glass necklace, from Accessorize (no price on this one, wail)
  2. Neon and Pink abstract plate necklace, £13, from Chelsea Doll
  3. Orange You Beautiful earrings, €16.12, from My Flash Trash
  4. Bright stone bracelet, Freedom at Topshop, about €25
  5. Diamond pendant necklace in neon green leather by EA Burns, €56 from
  6. Neon green shades, €1.50, from Penneys
  7. Oval perspex ombre ring by Kitty Joseph, £33 from Bengt Fashion