Good news for Stila fans: not only is the brand back with most of its old faves for us to get reacquainted with but new seasonal launches and innovation are starting to roll out. I hear whispers of something amazing involving gold leaf for autumn, but for right now, we’ve got the Festival of Colour collex, which is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

Stila Countless Colour Pigments

There are several Countless Colour Pigments, €18.50, on offer and while these might look like smushed-up messes on a first glance, actually they’re designed to have a cloud-like pattern made up of three distinct shades.


Blend ’em or use solo, they’re very creamy and highly pigmented and have a particular iridescence about them at certain angles which means they glow under UV lights. Or in the jacks at Jervis St shopping centre.  One thing to note here: you can’t use these wet at all as they won’t behave.

There are also two liners with this collection; one is a matte mint twist-up pencil that sets and is suberb, the other isn’t quite so great – it’s a pen in a less vibrant minty green. They’re €17.50.

Stila festival of colour after glow lip colour

I think the After Glow Lip Colours, €15.50, are my favourite bit of the collection. Yup, we’ve seen endless iterations of these chubby pen sticks recently and these deserve a look for price and also creamy opacity. No wishy-washyness here, plus the pink shade, Electric Pink, is a rich, true slag pink colour. OH YES.

Stila festival of colour after glow lip colour

Oh slag pink lipstick, let me count the ways in which I adore thee.

Like the eyeshadows, there’s some smart tech mixed in here too which helps these babies glow brighter under direct sunlight and pop under UV. Again, about the only UV light I get exposed to in these, my geriatric years is when I’m in a toilet at a shopping centre – you may have more luck.

Countless Colour Pigments & Afterglow lip colour

Price-points are decent, formulations good, all in-all, this is a fun colour launch from Stila. I’m pretty damn excited about what’s coming for Autumn though.