Because I’m self-employed, I work from home a lot. This poses particular challenges when you live in a shoebox of negative equity. Such as, where to actually do your work. In my case, it’s on the couch or at the kitchen table. Occasionally in bed. What? Don’t judge me.

I don’t want much (ok I also want two cats – the caternal instinct is oh-so-strong in this one), but I would love another space – or squeak! a room – to work in, if even for the psychological advantage of leaving one area and being able to say to myself, “right, work is done now.”

When you’re working on the couch on your laptop, suddenly it’s 10pm and you’re not sure when day became night and tweeting started to feel like something no one is paying you for.

So, when-slash-if I do get more space, I’d love this yellow formica desk for it. It’s a sweetheart: self-assembly, it’s £255 from Winter’s Moon (which sells some awesome reconditioned Ercol stuff … dribble) and it looks like they’ll deliver to Ireland for £35.

Just the right size for an understairs nook or a small room, this is exactly what I’m after. Along with a great chair, some bright stationery bits and my Mac, I’d be all set.

What’s your work set up like?