I spotted this in Loulerie before Christmas and fell for it immediately: it’s a David Aubrey Prim necklace, made from wood and glass beads with some nine carat gold plated fixings.

David Aubrey necklace

Love the colour combination, love the size and length and I love how it looks on. I went on about it so much that Himself indoors bought it for me for Christmas and here’s the really sweet bit – after we’d been into the shop to buy so I could double-check I still liked it, and had then gone off to meet a friend, he did a U turn and went back and bought co-ordinating earrings. Awww.

It wasn’t massively expensive – around the €100 mark – and I wear it a lot for day. Aubrey’s pieces are bright, fun and characterised by lots of glass beads, stones and drops. Loulerie carries a very edited selection and the designer’s own website doesn’t ship to Ireland unfortunately – though you can sometimes pick things up on Shopbop.