Yeah, that’s a shoe.

No, I wouldn’t wear it.

Kat Von D julian hakes shoes

Kerazee ole Kat Von D does though, a lot. She seems to have a few pairs of these Julian Hakes Mojito (ok, is it me or does anyone else pronounce this, to themselves, mo-jee-toe?) shoes on the go and parades about in them often.

Kat von d julian hakes shoes

Yeah. Not feeling it.

In their defense, the shoes are designed by Hakes, an architect, who transitioned from buildings to brogues and wanted to challenge existing footwear preconceptions. There is apparently no sacrafice in support and comfort and that’s great – I just think they’re pretty ugly.

However, if you don’t, then you can bag a pair for €200 on the Schuh website and good luck to you, madam.

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