As you can imagine, building a website as whizzbag as this one doesn’t come cheap, so I’m, how shall I say it, a bit light on cash at the moment.

I did really want to celebrate the launch with a bit of a purchase (it’s something I tend to do for big jobs as I’m self-employed so it’s a way to motivate-slash-reward self) and when I saw this ace-looking piece of plastic on new Scottish brand Bonnie Bling’s website, yep, it pretty much ticked all the boxes.

Big, bright, the Sunflower Necklace is only £35. Hurrah! So I bought that baby and it’s en route as I type.

I love what these fellers do – have a gander and let me know what you think too in the comments. I reckon I’ll be making more purchases in the future. Oh yes.