In Dublin for a visit with Sasha and Malia ahead of G8 meetings in Norn Iron, Michele Obama’s already stopping traffic – literally. And while I own many cardis and sparkly belts with which to pay her homage, I am very glad to say, kitten heels are something I am entirely lacking in.

Yes, there is a vacuum of such items in my life. This is because I think they are horrible.*

However, Michelle’s tall and elegant, two things I am not, and so they suit her and her preppy, print-laden, colourful style a lot. And because when you’re the first lady, what you wear is a political matter.

Plus, she and Barack are pretty much of a height, so I guess she can’t very well wear a pair of Loubs and be all towering above him. Because ladies, as we all know, that’s political too, eh?

So I dug about a bit and found three pairs of kittenish footwear that didn’t make my eyeballs want to burn in my sockets and which I reckoned she might like too. It’s ok Michelle – no need to send a card, we’re just very hospitible here in Ireland and you are very welcome.

Mui Mui two tone sling back kitten heels

These Miu Miu Two-tone boxcalf slingbacks are €450 from (I um, actually quite like them. OH gawd stop).

Oscar de la renta kitten heels

This deco pair from Oscar de la Renta, a fierce regal brand altogether, can be had on sale from The Outnet for €282.

J Crew Greta sandals

And lastly, I think everyone knows Mrs Obama is a fan of not-cheap-all-all JCrew (so why does everyone pretend it is?). The Greta sandals are €187.

Slightly odd taste in clodhoppers aside, I think she dresses really well, especially for day, which can be difficult to get right without falling into what amounts to a daily uniform. She’s also a great accessoriser – and by god we love a good accessoriser. Do you agree or not? Leave a comment!

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*I reserve the right to change my mind about this, fickle-style, ok?