You’re bound to have already heard that the queen of cool is collaborating with H&M and squealed with suitably high-pitched delight. As did I!

Alas the only fly in the ointment is that these sell-your-Granny-for-’em designs won’t be available until November 14th.

French femme Marant is the low-key designer who has sparked a million (no exaggeration) trends and bless, her best designs are regularly pilfered, copied and ripped off by the high street big hitters. Perhaps the biggest culprit being the brand she’s now going to get into bed with. Better the devil you know I guess.  

celebrities wearing Isabel Marant

Kate Bosworth wearing Dicker suede ankle boots and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley striding along in some Betty hi-tops. Pix:

I’m sure all this watching as others reap the rewards of your talent isn’t much fun for Ms Marant but it’s good for us regular gals who can’t afford her A-list prices. She counts the coolest girls, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth as part of her gang and while the influential designer racks up the starlet fans the rest of us can only dream of owning a bona fide piece of Parisian chic.

Until now that is, as the shops are currently bursting with Marant-inspired booty. So if autumn seems like a long way off (and it is, don’t forget we still have a whole, rain-soaked summer to get through first) then take a peak at our accessory picks that weren’t made by Marant’s fair hand but do the job nonetheless.

Make Mine a Marant: Tips to Get it Right

  1. The key to nailing the brand’s signature look is to combine a little slouch with your sexy and to never look like you’ve thought too hard about what you’re wearing – the desired effect is that of easy, effortless elegance.
  2. A contrived, matchy-matchy vibe is not what we’re after here kids.
  3. Make-up needs to be minimal, hair loosely tousled and even though they make up a good bulk of her offer don’t go OTT on the ethnic accessories: two per outfit is about the right quota. 
  4. Lastly don’t go getting notions about putting – or maybe it’s placing, or perhaps balancing –  a jingly, jangly piece of jewellery on your head. Trust us, Nicole Richie doesn’t get it.

when that highly anticipated Marant merchandise hits rails in a few months you’ll want to stay outta my way

And just so you know ladies when that highly anticipated Marant merchandise hits rails in a few months you’ll want to stay outta my way. I will have no qualms about pushing and shoving my way through you lot to guarantee I leave the shop with a sackful of new threads.

All’s fair in my love and pursuit of fashion. I will not be held responsible for cuts, bruises or scratches administered in my quest to nab the best bits.

You have been warned.

Zara ethnic neckpiece

The haute-boho look isn’t complete without a multi-coloured beaded necklace. So snap up this baby before it sells out. Necklace, €29.95, Zara.

H&M leather fringed bag

A swingy, tassel adorned holdall is just the ticket to pair with your skinny jeans and rock tee. Bag, €29.95, H&M.

River Island rainbow feather earrings

Make all the other groupies jealous at this season’s festivals in these fluttery pastel gems. Earrings, €8, River Island.

Topshop belt

This little leather number is just calling out to be worn with denim jeans, denim skirts, denim shorts and denim dresses. You get the picture. Belt, €34, Topshop.

ASOS tan boots

Do as that Bosworth lass does and rock your summer skirts with bare legs and a pair of tan kicks. There’s no guarantee your legs will look as good as hers – you can blame your ma for that one! Boots, €79.50, ASOS.

So tell us, how excited are you about Isabel Marant for H&M? Very? Nary? Leave a comment!