Loathe though they may be to admit it, Tayto didn’t in fact create the concept of savoury and sweet (how’yeh the Chinese) and the brand’s foray into cheese-n-onion chocolate recently wasn’t particularly amazing.

Ok, I’ll have to insert a caveat here before we go any further: I much prefer crisps to chocolate anyway so would have opted for a giant bag of potoato chips to chow down on in any case. (Hi my spreading arse, how are you? Yeah I’m grand too)

So, I decided we could, in Frillseeker fashion, improve on its recipe. All you’ll need will be some packages ‘o crips, some good quality chocolate and some BEER! Yes, I said beer.

Sagaform shot glass moulds

You’ll also require one of these: it’s the shot glass mould by Sagaform, £4.99, from www.thekitchengiftco.com.  “Serve a shot of your favourite tipple in icy style with this innovative shot glass mould by Sagaform,” sez the blurb. “Perfect for any celebration – simply fill with water, add a few herbs or berries, freeze and then serve to your guests… a great way to get the party started!”

Herbs and berries? Oh I think not. So here’s what we’re gonna do.

  1. Melt your chocolate and add your crisps – nice big chunks I reckon for full flavour impact
  2. Pour into pre-oiled moulds to create your saucy crisp ‘n’ chocolate shot glasses of extreme gourmet delight
  3. Allow to cool a little before putting in the fridge
  4. When they’re set, remove from the moulds, admire your handiwork and Tweet and Facebook the hell out of them
  5. Now crack open a beer
  6. Drink the heavenly nectar from your Tayto shot glasses until sated
  7. Now eat, and savour your extreme skills
  8. Do not, under any circumstances, ask anyone else to come over and do this with you. This is a party for one, or at best, two.

Right, who’s up for it?