Me and my BBZ at a Parcel Motel*

Heard about Parcel Motel yet? With signature chartreuse and blue stations dotted about the country, it basically acts as a way-station for packages packed full of goodies you’ve bought online. Like shoes, handbags and fabulous accessories. *happy sigh*

I’ve actually yet to use it but there are many places I’d love to shop on and so far can’t – & Other stories and these awesome stateside sites that don’t offer Irish shipping are just some – and it definitely seems to offer an option for some of that.  If the site you’re buying from doesn’t ship to Ireland but does ship to the UK, then the item can be delivered into Northern Ireland and they send it down to their Irish Motels. Smart. 

There’s a big FAQ here with all the details but what I want to know is who’s already used it, how you found it and whether you’d recommend it as a good #frills based service for the accessory starved? Leave your comments – this is vital, educational information.

*we’ll talk about the hackneyed use of women in marketing at a later date, promise.