Swit swoo: this pretty looking piece is from Northern Irish designer Lesley Frew, who works from a studio in the Ulster Museum, making her pieces from recycled plastics, bags and tags and other bits and bobs.

The woven structure of the two pieces here really reminds me of Jennifer Loiselle, a UK designer who makes beautiful statement necklaces using ribbon. I’ve got one and everytime I wear it, I get about a bajillion compliments. No exaggeration, and I tend not to wear it often – and never to dinner – because it’s so big I’m always afraid of gravy-based accidents. 

Above is the Honeycomb bracelet, €65, made from woven strips of plastics, and below is a necklace from the same series for €95.

Lesley Frew neckpiece

I dunno about you, but I reckon these are fabulous. Plus bonus: waterproof. And that’s not something you get to say about your accessories often, eh?

Want to buy? www.giveirishcraft.com has stockist details where her pieces can be purchased.