There’s Alexa now with a nice perfume purchase from Le Labo, bought in-store

In a recent consumer study carried out by Videology UK, retail showed a strong standing for cosmetic purchasing: 25% of consumers were found to still purchase their cosmetics in-store, as opposed to 14% who buy online.

Ireland’s a different kettle of fish though. We’ve a much smaller, dispersed population, far fewer cities and larger towns in which you’ll find good places to buy the beauty bits you’re after. So we tend to be dedicated online shoppers as a result.

Yep, Dublin and the other major cities will usually serve you up what you want but if you’re not near one, realistically, how often will you make that trip for a lipstick?

So – here’s your weekend task: lemme know in a comment what your bricks ‘n’ mortar vs online habits are. Do you do more of one and which is it? TO THE COMMENTS!