Dreary 1980s Ireland was a rotary phone nightmare. As the Cosbys and Silver Spoons and Roseanne broadcast across our tube TVs the kids always had novelty phones – in their bedrooms – while we had Telecom Eireann standard issue black or cream plastic, in the freezing hall, where your parents could hear every word.

So I longed for a burger phone. Longed, people. Look at Juno there, talking about being  a pregnant teenager into her burger phone. Lucky wagon.

Garfield phone

Failing that, I’d have made do with a Garfield calling device.

shoe phone

A sylish red kitten heeled shoe model would have done the trick for my teenaged self marvellously. Think of all the assumed glamour I’d have instantly had?

Lips phone

And I’ll just go right ahead and admit that I actually have one of these. In a box. But still.

Pic credits: teliqo.com; etsy.com; brightonpod.com