Even older than The Shining and just as much a classic to many, Clinique’s familiar yellow Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion has been knocking around since the late 60s.

Part of the brand’s much vaunted three-step programme – a trio I’m a bit puzzled by, I’ll admit – it wasn’t really that dramatic any more really, except in ways that weren’t perhaps so great, as it had been very much superseded in a moisturiser beautysphere turbo charged by peptides, hyaluronic acid and water-attractor molecules.

Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion group shot

So, after 45 years, it did seem like the poor yellow feller needed a bit of a facelift, and they’ve given him one: the bottle looks the same, the emulsion’s no different that I could tell – though in truth I haven’t regularly used this since I was in my early 20s when I was a firm devotee – and they’ve added a plus to the name to let us know some much-needed work’s been done.

See, the thing about Clinique and three step is that this brand has had a radical makeover in recent years. All the skincare, barring the original offerings, is now razor sharp and science-focused. Then you have this advice to use the three step of soap, toner and a basic moisturiser as the core of your routine, which is marketed as the basic pillar of the brand. It just seems like 1960s understanding that’s at odds with 2000s knowledge, and maybe it’s time to phase it out.  As someone outside the brand, I find it baffling, and not a little confusing.

Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion

Keep this reformed part, though: new ingredients include lovely hyaluronic acid, urea and glycerin for hydration and better barrier strengthening dealios too. Hypoallergenic as always, it’s unscented and claims to have doubled the moisturisation levels of the previous version. At €42 for 125ml with a pump or €40 without, it’s also excellently priced, plus there’s a 50ml version for €24.

It’s still not enough for my late 30s, dry skin, so I’d pitch this one at 20-somethings, which I think is a comfortable positioning for it. No SPF means you’ll need to add that alongside too.

Launching from 12th July, you’ll find Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ at Clinique counters.