When you hit on a successful formula, the obvious thing is to do it again. So when Candy Magazine, a beautifully-produced publication that’s all about “celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations,” put James Franco on a cover last year gorgeously made up, it caused a global buzz.

The answer? Do it again with an equally big name. So along came Jared Leto and infamous photog Terry Richardson and the result can be seen on the cover and in a shoot  inside the mag.

But y’know … that lipstick shade darling. It’s sooooo Autumn/Winter. And we’re all about Spring/Summer.

I’m all over bright, tomato reds recently. I’m loving Aveda’s Cana from the Spring Art of Nature colour collection but even better, there’s the softest, most gorgeously pliant lip liner that was also a part of the lineup I just can’t stop using either.

Barberry Bloom, €19, is blimmin’ gorgeous. It’s limited but might be still knocking about – if it is, it’s definitely worth picking up.

Aveda Barberry Bloom lipliner

It’s deeply pigmented, creamy, applies surprisingly non-draggily for a liner and wears gorgeously. I love it so much. This is way better than about a zillion of the lipsticks I own and I will be bereft when I pare it back to a sad stub.

So Jared, you listenin?

Pic credit: ftape.com