Checked out the forthcoming accessories edit from Penneys for AW13? There’s absolutely tons of bargainous beauties on the way and now let’s cast our beady eyes over the limited edition offerings.

Typically a bit more expensive, this stuff features slightly higher-end materials – but do note you won’t tend to find leather in the bags – and more embellishments on jewellery plus some pieces that are available in lesser quantities so you’re not so likely to find the world and his wife down the pub in ’em. Which is always nice.

Lots of black: check. Things in trees: check. For an up-close look at some of 'em, keep clicking the arrows.

This Louboutin-inspired clutch has the all-important hand-strap for ease of carrying. Nice.

I like these and intend to hunt them down. Oh yes.

Do we spot a couple of designer replicas, or do we spot a couple of designer replicas? Celine's sad robot bag AKA the Mini Luggage done on the down-low is on the left and a copy of a Stella McCartney is on the right.

This'll look sweet over both plain and embellished tops, I reckon.

I've no details on this necklace and bracelet set except for this: MmmmMm.

These boots are great: available in oxblood and a steel toe and heel capped finish as well as black and brass, you can tell they'll be a sell-out. Look for them in September for €24.

Some quilted riding-style boots and more bags in trees. As of yet, I have no information as to what price the trees will be in-store. Joke.

We had a look at this on Tuesday and here's its actual real life size when on. Nice, huh?

I thought these were very Zara-ish. Nice work Penneys, wha?