Pic: http://10magazine.tumblr.com

Couture week is on in Paris at the moment and while it’s primarily all about clothes it usually throws out a smidgen or two by way of accessories clues and inspo for seasons to come. And Uncle Karl’s just given us a very big nod as to what the high street’s going to be scrambling to do right about now, I’d wager. Read on …

Chanel couture 2013 grand palais exterior

Here’s where it all took place, the Grand Palais. Pic: http://instagram.com/maximsap/

Chanel couture 2013 grand palais interior

Looked nice outside, didn’t it? Naw buddies. Inside it was all dramatic ruin, glamorous decay. Pic: http://instagram.com/veroniqueph/

Chanel couture 2013  - Rihanna

And here’s who was there, in her nightie by the looks of things. Rihanna no less. Would you credit it. Just imagine I’m writing this as a member of Crystal Swing meets someone from the ICA in possession of an ECDL who’s just been let loose on a computer for the first time, ok? Pic: http://instagram.com/helenabordon/

Chanel Couture 2013 hats

As it was Chanel, tweed featured heavily, naturellement. The top very pic shows some of what intrigued me enough to start researching this post but here’s the actual detail. Oh boy, I love these. Hats off, Karl! Pics: http://nowfashion.com/

Chanel couture 2013  finale

And the finale. Pic: http://10magazine.tumblr.com

So, whaddya reckon? Will you go for a cap-meets-boater done up tweed style when they filter down the high street sometime next year? You can bet your ass I will!