Good news accessory-obsessed brethren! The mobile site is de-borked and works very nicely indeed on a smartphone near you. No more shall your commute be filled with sadness and melancholy – Frillseeker will be there to keep you company.

It’s mad easy to use – use the drop-down menu top left on every screen to jump from section to section, and you can even pin on the go. PIN ON THE GO! My heart can hardly take it. Actually that bit is so deadly, I was pinning from my leaba this morning. Really and truly I need no more excuses to stay in bed – but I’ll gladly accept another.

The second addition of the AM is we’ve opened the site up to non-registered users’ comments. I know lots of you don’t want to go to the hassle of creating an account at the start and that’s fair enough, so you can now comment on content and pins without one. Happy chatting!

If you’re experiencing any issues with the mobile site, please drop them in a comment below and we’ll endeavour to fix ASAP. Thanks all.