“That’s my charger,” “NO, that’s MYYYYYY chargerr!”

Sound like a familiar refrain? I betchya it does and that’s why Whooizit came up with these clever and really quite cute stickers for iPhone, iPod and iPad chargers. In colour or character sets, you can lash ’em onto your personal charging devices and no one can ever nick them again, claiming them as their own.

http://whoozizit.com iphone charger stickers

But I didn’t really recognise the charger element and that’s because they’re the US ones – we have a different transformer in Ireland and the UK. Apparently they have plans afoot to create packs for our charger types but in the meantime you can still get some use from the existing $12.95 kits on ear buds and USB cables.

You can buy them here, or alternatively, just, y’know, lash a bit of nail varnish onto your charger for, um, free.