Alright, look, I’ll admit I thought Eva’s dog was an Alsatian until I Googled it. In fact it’s a Belgian Malinois and his name is Hugo. He’s been to see Cesar Milan for doggy behavioural training and that just makes me think of my absolute tip-top favourite episode of South Park where Mrs Cartman gets Cartman trained by Cesar, and Cartman has this amazing out-of-body experience on the upstairs landing as the evil leaves his body. Gold. Solid gold.

Eva Mendes and Hugo

Here’s more Hugo. What a shame Ryan isn’t peeping out from behind the bushes, eh?

Anne Hathaway and her dog

If you’ve got a rep as being a little unlikeable as an actress, then get a dog and be seen out walking it. It instantly makes you real, down to earth and relatable. Anne Hathaway’s chocolate Lab is unpretentiously monikered Esmeralda. No, really.

Blake Liveley and dog

Not sure who looks least like they’d like to be with who here: Blake or Ryan Reynold’s dog Baxter. She’s got her own dog as well, a Maltipoo (?) called Penny.

Emma stone and dog

This is Ren, he’s a Golden Retriever, and he belongs to Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. I like how she’s accessorised herself to him with that coat. Co-ordinating, but not matchy-matchy. Well played, Emma.

Jessica Biel and dogs

Jessica Biel and Trousersnake have two canine chums and she Tweets and Instagrams pix of them all the time. One’s a pitbull called Tina (on the left) and the other’s a boxer called either Buckley or Brennan, apparently.

Jessica Biel and dogs

Tina seems to be the favoured child-dog though – she’s even got a hashtag for her: #tuesdayswithtina.

Ladies, I salute your woofter-based style and love your big dog chums. Who’s your favourite pairing?