Intrigued following a Twitter discussion between The Guardian beauty writer Sali Hughes and Times columnist India Knight about Salt Water Sandals, I investigated. And they look deadly altogether.

salt water sandals in navy

One of those old-school US classic brands that’s been about for donkeys, they’re also a bit of a low-key ‘sleb fave, and needless to say Alexa Chung’s all over ’em.

salt water sandals in yellow

In a variety of styles and colours, if you’ve got good legs these strappy flats will look great with a tan, a pair of shorts or a skirt, but actually they were originally designed as swimming shoes and you’re not just able, but are encouraged, to wear them into the water.

salt water sandals in red

I wasn’t able to source an Irish stockist – if you know of one drop a comment below – but there are a ton online including UK site You can buy adults and kids sizes and they cost from £35/€41.

Like them? Loathe them? Am I mad altogether to think they’re kinda cute?