Pic credit: Maybelline

Yup, you read that one right: today’s national-slash-international kissing day (so you don’t have to keep your lip-pressing activities corralled to someone of your own nationality should that not take your fancy) and it would really be a shame to waste the day, now wouldn’t it?

Clearly though, national kissing day’s not about lipstick. No, it’s about balm. Nice, lovely balm that makes lips, well, kissably nice.

Hourglass Lip Oil No28

My current favourite is Hourglass’ super-spendy No 28 Lip Treatment Oil, which is just beautiful and works a dream. However, we don’t all often – or ever – have €38 to spend on a bleedin’ Chapstick, so there are some others that are considerably less purse-lightening I also rate.

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm

Like this. It’s Avene’s Cold Cream Lip Balm and it’s about €11. Find it at pharmacies and buy it for its uncanny ability to seal even the deepest, sorest of clints and grikes in an ouchy mouth. Great stuff altogether.

Vichy Aqualia Lip Balm

Another good’un and even cheaper at about €4, Vichy Aqualia Lip Balm is a great desktop addition and I have one on mine, and slick it on regularly throughout the day. Not as hard-working as the two above, but a really good budget pick for keeping lips well conditioned day-by-day.

So ladies, on this, the auspicious day that is national pucker-up day, I know you’ll have some of your own recommendations for brilliant balms. Please do leave ’em in the comments!