German beauty brand Zoeva is a bit of a find: vegan brushes, big palettes packed with neutral shades, blush palettes and more eye products than you can pretty much shake a mascara wand at.

Oh, and did I mention it’s all cheap as chips?

Back in May, my interest was piqued so I flexed the plastic for a couple of brushes and the brand’s lush-looking Metallic Stones 28 shade shadow palette. The cost, including shipping from Germany? Oh, a massive €36.05 – shipping made up €7.50 of that. The palette was €16.95. Yeah, I know, I had a bit of a titter too.

zoeva metallic stones palette

Packaging was great: the stuff turned up swiftly in a big box with everything wrapped in bubble wrap, black tissue and sealed with branded stickers. Brushes come in their own plastic zippy pouches, and the palette, while pretty much identical to those Coastal Scents 88 palettes and their ilk, is really not bad at all for a shade under 17 quid.

No, you’re not getting Urban Decay or Mac quality here. You’re also getting 28 colours for pretty much the price of one of either of those brand’s single colours. And no, the payoff and texture isn’t the same as high end brands but if you’re new to makeup or want a big, quick edit of taupes, greens, slate grey/blues and some lilac colours then you’re quids in really.

Zoeva metallic stones shadow swatches

Pigmentation varies across the palette too: some colours are sheerer than others and none are deeply saturated. But you’ll get more out of this with a good shadow primer and in fact lots of the neutral beige, brown, stone and taupe shades, because of their medium pigmentation, make for a good daytime eye that’s easy to achieve with minimum chance of mistakes.

eye makeup look using zoeva

See? Couple of colours blended very swiftly here as I legged it out the door. Yep, those brows need attention, STAT.

So, the brushes, how are they? I’m impressed with how they’re packaged for starters. The little zippy pouch would nearly act as a small makeup bag (a very small one) and the fact they’re synthetic means they’re cruelty-free. In fact Zoeva tout their tools as vegan.

zoeva vegan cruelty free brushes

Plus, cheap. Oh so affordable. I bought a Soft Definer for €5.80 and an Eye Finish for the same price, and really, that’s a steal. They’ve got the duo fibre bristles we’re used to seeing on foundation brushes, are soft and lovely in use and I’d happily buy more.

Right now, Zoeva‘s primarily an eye, face, tools and mineral makeup brand. I’d be interested to see what they’d do with lip products and while I might not buy any more palettes from them – mostly because I’m coming down with them – I’d absolutely consider some more brushes.

Have you bought anything from the brand? Liked it? Hated it? Mehed about it? Leave a comment!