Pic: etsy.com

“Pet abuse,” grumbled Himself Indoors when I showed him this picture of a cat wearing a collar and tie. “But he looks perfectly happy,” I protested. “No he bloody doesn’t,” he said firmly, eyeballing me and continuing, “clothes on cats are wrong, and when we get our cats they will not be wearing silly clothes. The end.”

It’s clear that Felix really won’t be able to Miaow Another Day without them

To which I say, we’ll see about that.

Because there are just so many SQUEE AND EEEE AND OMG things for moggies to buy that are all so purrfectly pretty that it’d really be such a shame to not get some of them, wouldn’t it?

Here are five you didn’t know your cat needed, but now you’ve seen them, it’s clear that Felix really won’t be able to Miaow Another Day without them.

cat pajamas

LITERALLY CATS PAJAMAS. I don’t need to say anything else except they are a terrifying $79 from Japan Trends.

cat bowtie

The bowtie is the ideal neckwear for dandified moggies everywhere. You can get your urban sophisticat one from Fab for £26.80.

cat bowtie

But no, perhaps you’ve got more of an executive breed? In that case, invest in a collar and tie set from Etsy. €8.04, please.

cat selfie app

Every cat worth its salt is all over its owners iPhone or iPad these days, so get your furry friend the Cat Selfie app for 89c on the App Store. Using a laser dot, it encourages your puss to snap its own pix, which are then saved to your camera roll.

vinyl deck cat scratching post

Further fluffing pussy’s creative side, Suck UK’s Cat Scratch is a cardboard mixing deck-shaped cat scratching mat. €25 of your euro notes for that and a must-have for cool cats everywhere.

Lastly, let’s just pay a little homage to Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Without his genius idea of Kitten Mittens, would any of these feline fancies exist, I ask you? Would they? Answers in a comment.