Pic: neowin.net

In a taxi last week, myself and the driver were pontificating on the amazing weather. “Jaysis tonight isn’t it fabillis,” he said. I agreed, pointing out how happy people were, how great Dublin looks in the sunshine and how we deserved the bit of sun after so many crappy summers in a row.

However, I had a gloomy prediction to add. “You just know there’ll be one prick who’ll start giving out about it being ‘too hot’ after a few days, don’t you?”

I’m sorry to say that prick is me.

I Kant Kope hun. I hope I’ll be ok but this is definitely not curdy chipz wedder. In fact, no application of Calippos, ice water and cooling beers is helping. At all.

The fact that I have a complete absence of a summer wardrobe, refuse to part with my beloved black opaques due to being stout of leg and therefore totally reluctant to ever reveal them, and do not want to get a tan so I don’t resemble a leather handbag when I’m 50 are all going against me here.

So I’ll just carry on over here with the Victorian melodrama but what I really want to know is what you’re doing to make the weather work for you? Oh, do drop me a comment below.