Beauty products back in the time of Downton mostly consisted of a) none or b) reserved for prostitutes or c) if you really insisted, pinching your cheeks for a little light flush.

So I did do a bit of a Lady Mary eyebrow raise when news of a Downton Abbey beauty collection with M&S dropped into my inbox late last week. I’m still on the hunt for euro pricing and availability and will update you on that, but the news is too good to not share even without all that essential stuff.

downton abbey soapsAnyway, we need have no real fear for our virtues because the collection is mostly reserved to things like, erm, soap. And cosmetic bags. And bubble bath.

Oh ok. There’s some fun stuff like nail polishes and lipgloss too. Shocking! Will there be a lipstick shade in Cousin Matthew’s Blood? Perhaps a gloss called Countess Violet Puce? We could have hella fun with this, ladies.

The Downton Beauty collection hits stores in the autumn – will you be buying?

UDATE: It’s not landing in Ireland. OMG!